Air Experience Flights

Purchase the experience of flight without an engine

We offer two types of Air Experience Flights - Standard and Deluxe - and the Aviator Starter Pack 

An Air Experience Flight can offer a basic lesson in the controls of a glider and allows the passenger to have a go at flying the glider under the guidance of an instructor. The passenger must sign the Gliding Federation of Australia introductory membership form.

  • Standard ($235): aerotow launch to 2,500ft and typically about 15 minutes in the air, depending on both weather and the flight manoeuvres undertaken by the student pilot; 

  • Deluxe ($325): higher aerotow launch to 4,000ft with up to 30 minutes in the air, offering more initial flight instruction and introductory experience. Flight duration is dependent upon both weather and the flight manoeuvres undertaken by the student pilot.

  • Aviator Starter Pack ($625): three aerotows to 2,500ft, and your first three lessons in becoming a glider pilot. This is the best value package to see if gliding is the sport for you, without needing an annual membership.

You can purchase for yourself either through our online payment below, or by eftpos at the airfield on the day of your flight (please email to book a time).

If purchasing online, an email will be sent to the club after payment and a voucher along with important information will be emailed out to you, or to a gift recipient, according to the details you enter at the time of purchase. 

NOTE: Flight duration is weather dependent. The above durations are indicative only.  When weather conditions permit, we will try to prolong your flight to the durations listed above, however sometimes there is no rising air for us to use.  Some flight training sequences may also reduce flight duration. 




• Aerotow launch to 2,500ft
• 15-20mins in the air
• Views around Bunyan and the Monaro Valley
• Qualified instructor
• Basic gliding theory
• Control demonstration




• Aerotow launch to 4,000ft
• 30 mins in the air
• Views out to the Snowy Mountains, Cooma, and the Monaro Valley
• Qualified instructor
• Basic gliding theory
• Learn the effects of the controls
• Fly the glider through gentle turns
• Other manoeuvres as time allows



Aviator Starter Pack

• Three Aerotow launches to 2,500ft
•Total of 45-60 mins air time
• 30-day membership of Canberra Gliding Club
• Qualified instructor
• First three formal lessons towards licence
• Gliding Australia training syllabus
• Great value to try gliding without a full years' membership

Important Points

Weight: There is a 105kg max weight limit for the passenger or student, so please do not proceed if the intended recipient weighs more than this. For safety reasons, the total weight of passenger/student and instructor is also subject to a limit.

  • Passengers weighing up to 85kg can attend on any flying day without booking; but

  • Passengers who weigh between 86kg and 105kg must be matched with an instructor of appropriate weight. Intending passengers in this weight range are strongly advised to contact the club for advice on a suitable date to fly.

Handheld Devices: Large cameras should be used with a neck or wrist strap, while phones, drink bottles, and other loose items need to be held or stored in a pocket by the passenger at all times.  This is critical to flight safety to ensure they do not impede the use of controls or drift loose around the cockpit in the case of turbulent air.

On the Day: Please bring water and snacks, as well as sun protection to the airfield, as there are limited facilities available in the area.  Please also be mindful we are a fully volunteer club - not a commercial operation - and as such our operations are wholy reliant on the effort and commitment of club members.

Booking Process: Gliding is highly dependant on weather conditions, and we can only book a limited number of Air Experience Flights on each flying day. In the event that conditions are not appropriate on your booked day, we will endeavour to re-schedule your flight in the weeks immediately after that.

Bunyan Airfield

Located an hour South of Canberra, 10mins past Bredbo, and 15mins from Cooma, Bunyan Airfield on the Monaro Highway is home to the Canberra Gliding Club.

Visitors please follow the road to the clubhouse, or pull up next to the horse float if we have aircraft operating on the runways.